I Like My Coffee Blank

Listen. Listen very… very… closely. Emotions run wild, baby. They’re the untamed horses of the soul. The raging bulls. The wild turkeys that run wherever the fuck they want whenever the fuck they want, making you feel certain feelings you never even thought existed in between love and hate. And… well… it feels amazing… Sometimes. And… sometimes these horses are stomping all over your precious little organs over, and over again, making you want to cry out to somebody that probably doesn’t even exist. Whatever that means. But… in a sense… these horses are pretty much the only friends that will always be there for you. Whether you like it or not.  I found this written in an old notebook from my first year in college. Punk little seventeen year old kid, what did I know? lol I don’t remember exactly why I wrote it or where I wrote it. I guess I was probably just feeling some shit at that particular moment. Some things will just never change about ourselves, and those are the things we should be proud of most.

I’m AltaLoma, and I’m here to speak to you.

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