Letter to Reezy

I thought about you on the drive to work today, my brother.

About how we had a task we swore we’d complete.

About how we’d always sit in somewhere with a city view and psyche ourselves out for the future.

About how we’d talk about certain girls that were way out of our league.

About how we’d always have each other’s backs no matter what happened to us.

Your mother misses you a lot, man.

She gave me one of your shirts to remember you by.

That gay little banana republic button up you’d wear with your creme Ralph shoes.

Some days have been stale and quick.

Today just happens to be slow and full of pain.

I miss you.

I promise to take care of your mother and the rest of your family when I become who I’m destined to be.

You’re our guardian angel, man.

We’re still in this together.

Everything we’ve spoken about weren’t just words to me.

I’ll make you proud.

Hope all is well up there.


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