Back for a Bit

It’s been a little while, huh?

I’ve missed you.

Those that read these microscopic clouds of wander coming from my clouded thought.

Whoever you are.

This is us in our purest form.

The evil that smiled and taunted is no longer in sight.

Assuming it’s moved on to others.

I’m here to help.

You wake up every morning to live a day you’ve lived for years.

But not today.

Or tomorrow.

Or the next.

Smile and laugh in the face of doubt, for YOU is what it fears the most.

Behind its teeth, it chokes on your will.

Will to live.

Will to inspire.

Will to keep moving.

Soon it’ll be back to visit me.

But I’ll remember that I’m not alone.

As it lies there when you open your eyes, tell it I said hi.

– AltaLoma 2:41 pm

Reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork and to do your homework in the dark.

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