I swear I like to think that I’m a good person.

Something people cry to as they watch a hearse spin.

Taking me away in return for my confound sin.

I’m sorry oh I’m sorry oh I’m sorry for what it’s been.

I’ll be a flower cut short to make a sad girls day.

In return to save my memories from being smeared away.

This world is so sick, whats the medicine to make it better?

Laughter, television, or giving a homeless man a sweater?

I’m tired of this shit, I’m sure I’m ready to go.

But I swore to my mother I wouldn’t leave until we grow.

Happiness is hiding somewhere inside a frozen creek.

Skating on it constantly trying my best to make it weak.

Someday it’ll crack and I can drown inside of it.

Looking up at the faces looking back at me, I’ll love it.

I’m starving, I should eat the pizza inside my fridge.

But I’m too busy thinking about my friend who jumped the bridge.

Laying in a slouch

Waiting on this energy to shift.

Hoping someone like me

Reads this and catches on my drift.

AltaLoma 10:35pm

Reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork and to do your homework in the dark.

ale house

checking the id

accompanied by a handful of change

exchanging smiles as she walked away

pour the brew, buddy

get back to work

passport from the other side of the world

wait…let’s pause for a sec

when you read these, how do you interpret them?

I probably sound like I’m just trying to sound cool, don’t I?

That’s pretty tight *laughs*

well they’re pretty personal

suck my dick


back to what I was saying

I fall in love with a different girl about 72 times a day

That’s more than the average faggot

Wouldn’t you say?

Missed texts like mosquito bites on my neck

This heat is killing thee

Blue eyes still piercing me

A message from the other side of the world

Finally something interesting

Summer days

Summer days

Summer days

Summer days

Summer days

Summer days

Summer days

Are Arizona iced teas still a dollar?

AltaLoma 1:53 pm

Reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork and to do your homework in the dark.

Summer days


A lot of things used to scare me growing up.

Wondering if a girl would ever like me.

Wondering how life would be once my mother passed on.

The ocean at night.

Wondering how I would turn out once I was grown.

Now every morning when the sun rips through my blinds and onto my eyes , I no longer question if the world needs somebody like me.

Everything and nothing is mine.

The embarrassment.

The laughs.

My amusement.

Still 16 in a 24.

The gold falls from their faces in the form of teardrops.

Nicotine coming out my nose shaped like happiness.

Here it goes.

Let’s get it.

AltaLoma 9:06 pm

Reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork and to do your homework in the dark.

Thanks for reading.

Letter to Reezy

I thought about you on the drive to work today, my brother.

About how we had a task we swore we’d complete.

About how we’d always sit in somewhere with a city view and psyche ourselves out for the future.

About how we’d talk about certain girls that were way out of our league.

About how we’d always have each other’s backs no matter what happened to us.

Your mother misses you a lot, man.

She gave me one of your shirts to remember you by.

That gay little banana republic button up you’d wear with your creme Ralph shoes.

Some days have been stale and quick.

Today just happens to be slow and full of pain.

I miss you.

I promise to take care of your mother and the rest of your family when I become who I’m destined to be.

You’re our guardian angel, man.

We’re still in this together.

Everything we’ve spoken about weren’t just words to me.

I’ll make you proud.

Hope all is well up there.



I learn every day.

Every day.

I wake up.

I fail.

I go to sleep.

I wake up.

I adjust.

I fail again.

I go to sleep.

I wake up.

I adjust.

I succeed.


I go back to sleep.

Wake up.

And fail again.

I feel happy.

Then I feel sad.

Then I feel even more sad.

Then I want to die.

Then I go for a drive.

Then Ignition remix comes on the radio.

Then I don’t want to die anymore.

Then I buy food.

I eat it.

Then I feel invincible.

Then I get hungry again.

Then I buy more food.

Then I feel great again.

Then I get a text from that sweetheart from a couple of days ago.

Then I feel like a pimp.

Then I read it and it’s a canceled plan.

Then I feel like someone took a nice shit right on my nose.

Then I wipe it off and go for another drive.

Then I get another text.

Sweetheart again.

She can make it after all.

Then I feel like God served me a shot of whiskey.


Then I take this shot of whiskey.

Then I feel tired.

Then I cancel on sweetheart.

Then I go back to sleep.

Then I wake up again.

And then I fail again.

Sometimes I’m tired of feeling happy.

Sometimes I’m tired of feeling sad.

But I feel.

Being able to feel things is incredible.

Go feel.

AltaLoma 6:09 pm

Reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork and to do your homework in the dark.


the bones in my hand rattle as I stir the coffee that has become luke warm




she’s probably getting dressed after a night at that weasels house

it’s been a long time




the nicotine running through my blood wasn’t enough

to stop the cold windy mist slapping me in the face as I sit outside a breakfast cafe at 1:45 in the afternoon

is this what adults are supposed to do?

is this what life becomes after a series of unfortunate events?

cumbersome hearts ready to say hello for what may be the last time

so long


Reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork and to do your homework in the dark.

Eazy Reezy Lemon Squeezy

this was a three part puzzle

and you took the last piece

I spy with my little eye

a number of sentences without punctuation

written on a piece of paper

crumpled and hidden under a pillow

the time sits still

waiting for your return

Django’s outside alone and cold

with the experiences laid down for us

we’ll never ever grow old

tainted youth, we’ll make you proud

whilst seeking your shape formed in a cloud

AltaLoma 1:53 am